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The beautiful farmhouse by Alessandra and Matteo in Mondaino, once Cà Mainardi, used to be a rustic under agricultural use, and still retains the simplicity of functional spaces at agrarian work. The restoration that followed reflects the personality of the owner - architects, landscape architects and artists in Milan - with original architectonic solutions, and with their own paintings and sculptures and by friends artist from around the world. A large living room for guests with a fireplace and large windows, as well as the patio in front of the house with ancient mulberry tree, induce at relaxation and conviviality. Around the cottage, a large portion of the land is softened and made accessible, without altering the spontaneous appearance. Thus, in the follow it, there comes across the solar grove of oak trees, almond trees in the meadow of the almond trees, in the mall of the apple trees, in the olive grove high, until you reach the door of the blue forest, before falling back closer to home to enjoy a drink at the mirador. Places to go, but not only, as many green rooms, living spaces for lounging, to immerse yourself in solitary reading, or in contemplation of a starry sky.


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The rooms

The rooms reflect, each in their own way, the many facets of the environment. They are all different...


Alessandra and Matteo, are pleased to share with their guests the excitement and joy of being in a place so...


Mondaino is a place full of cultural events, landscapes. Here you can find the best concerning on food and wine culture...




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