Alessandra and Matteo, are pleased to share with their guests the excitement and joy of being in a place so beautiful and soothing. From the olive grove below house it is produced an extra virgin oil delicious, delicate and fragrant. Cakes, breads and homemade jams, honey, flowers, organic vegetables, olives with wild fennel to taste with a good wine or liquor bay, and many other products that bestows this pristine valley. The water from an underground spring, a local favorite since the distant past, is now conveyed in the taps at home. It is chlorine-free and low in calcium and even skin and hair benefit from it. We use wood to heat the house from the maintenance of our forest burned in the fireplace heat that spreads the heat all the rooms of the house. The domestic hot water is heated by a special solar dish concentrator. Sometimes, are hosting several exciting courses in ceramics, painting, yoga, martial arts, theater, and cooking: the satisfaction six senses and spirit in all fields.