Where we are

How to reach us

The B&B Daino Blu is located in Via Val Mala 831 (namely 831 meters from the main road).

Coordinates for GPS: 43.846843,12.673731

To reach the Val Mala, take the provincial road 64 that from

Mondaino comes down from the River Foglia, and after a little over a mile, turn left, at a cell of the Madonna.

The road, one to the left, through a small wooded area.

Overcoming a first home, the only one in our party, and still descend 400 meters in Val Mala, and you’re there.

Airports near

• Rimini www.riminiairport.com with direct flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg. Distance from Mondaino 19 Km

• Ancona-Falconara: www.aeroportomarche.com with direct flights from London, Monaco of Bavaria, Charleroi, Dusseldorf, Milan, Rome and Alghero. Distance from Mondaino 62 Km

• Perugia: www.airport.umbria.it with direct flights to Olbia, Cagliari, Barcelona, Palma, Ibiza, London, Brussels, Crete, Rhodes, Tirana, Sharm El Sheikh, Trapani. Distance from Mondaino 86 Km

• Bologna: www.bologna airport.it-46 international destinations, 2 intercontinental and 10 domestic. Distance from Mondaino 132 Km.

Main distances from home

• The Arboretum: 10 minutes on foot;

• Mondaino city center: 5 minutes by car, 20 minutes on foot;

• Rimini airport: 40 minutes by car;

• Santarcangelo: 40 minutes by car;

• San Marino: 50 minutes by car;

• Ravenna: 75 minutes by car;

• Ferrara: 2 hours by car;

• Mantua: 2.30 hours by car;

• Padua: 2.30 hours by car;

• Venice: 3 hours by car;

• Pesaro: 30 minutes by car;

• Urbino: 30 minutes by car;

• Ancona: 1:20 hours by car;

• Gubbio: 1.30 hours by car;

• Perugia: 2 hours by car

• Florence: 2.30 hours by car;

• Rome: 4 hours by car.